Our independent self-service platform gives advertisers and agencies:

  • Full control to define segments and seamlessly activate them in their integrated DSPs
  • Real-time data stack to enrich billions of bid requests enabling them to harness the real value of their users

Available Products In The AMP

Proximity Targeting

  • Boost advertising relevance via accessing the mobile moments of your target group
  • Reach people in the right local context including POIs, events, household data and weather

Audience Targeting

  • Create holistic segments, leveraging a vast array of mobile and offline data dimensions
  • Build segments over time based on the mobile and offline behavior of your target group

The Dashboard

Find the latest news about adsquare in your dashboard plus some handy shortcuts.

Your AMP Profile

You can manage your profile settings and find your company ID on the top right hand side

Data Providers

Browse through the available data providers by country and find out more information about what they provide.

Private Marketplace

Manage and check up on your requests from different private data providers.

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