Adsquare is the leading data exchange bringing together data buyers with data providers globally. Via our self-service ‘Audience Management Platform’ (AMP), we give access to multiple data dimensions for more effective targeting, measurement and insights. Our AMP puts you in control and gives you full transparency for audience creation, data buying and activation of segments for more precise advertising campaigns leading to higher ROIs. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Product Portfolio

Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting is based on data connected to users' Mobile Advertising IDs that can be activated to reach custom audiences anytime and anywhere on their mobile devise in app. Integrated cross device capabilities allow you to extend your audience reach onto desktop as well. Data categories that are available include demographics, app and web usage, place visitations and many more.

  • Build brand awareness amongst multiple screens
  • Reach your audience anytime, anywhere
  • Activate audience data connected to Mobile Advertising IDs

Proximity Targeting

Proximity Targeting is based on offline data (also referred to as geo data or spatial data) describing a geographical context in which users live, work and move. Adsquare applies this data to users' locations in real-time through its proprietary pre-bid enrichment integrations with leading DSPs globally. Data categories that can be utilised include places, weather, events, and household data.

  • Boost your drive-to-store campaign and increase sales
  • Reach users based on their location in the moment of ad impression - in real-time
  • Activate spatial data describing the context of your geographical area of choice

Real-Time Footfall Measurement

Track Store Visits in Real-Time. Adsquare’s Footfall Measurement functionality provides additional information for marketers and enables a deeper understanding of consumer journeys. Being able to measure in-store visits in real-time, brands can realise the full value of their mobile campaigns, optimise spend and validate their media investment.

  • Receive and monitor campaign generated store visits in your DSP in real-time.
  • Identify the best campaign set-up that drives most visits to your store.
  • Proactively optimise campaigns and shift budgets for best results.

Post-Campaign Footfall Measurement

Get an Extensive Campaign Summary & Insights. Analyze your campaign’s impact and understand the overall effectiveness of your campaign. Investigate whether consumers who had seen your ad visited your store more frequently than those who hadn’t. Compare control and campaign groups and calculate Visitation Uplift.

  • Compare campaign and control group to calculate uplift.
  • Leverage validated background location data.
  • Use Adsquare’s precise POI database or onboard own address data.

Audience Insights

The more insights you have about your audience, the more meaningful and relevant advertising you can deliver to this audience. Adsquare’s Audience Insights tool provides valuable information and enables you to learn more about the people that really matter to your business. Adsquare’s Audience Insights are available in our self-service Audience Management Platform (AMP):

  1. Upload your dataset with your clients’ Mobile Advertising IDs under “Data Management”, “My Datasets”.
  2. Select the uploaded dataset and choose “Get Insights” in the drop-down menu.
  3. A new “Insights” page will open, displaying multiple widgets with valuable insights about your audience.

Location Insights

Analyzing and understanding consumer movements. Adsquare is the largest aggregator of movement data, spatial data and audience data globally. We overlay mobile SDK derived, background location data over specific Points of Interest (POI) locations and are able to calculate foot traffic and/or identify audience segments walking by or into the given locations at any given day and time, including category benchmarking, competitor analysis, temporal analysis, frequency analysis, audience insights and much more.

The Audience Management Platform (AMP) in a nutshell

Welcome Page

Find the latest news about Adsquare in your dashboard plus some handy shortcuts.

Your AMP Profile

You can manage your profile settings and find your company ID on the top right hand side

Data Providers

Browse through the available data providers by country and find out more information about what they provide.

Private Marketplace

Manage and check up on your requests from different private data providers.

The Out-Of-Home Planner

Adsquare is solving the challenges of OOH advertising by combining the strengths of all Adsquare products in one single platform solution. Our Out-Of- Home solutions allow you to easily combine various data types for improved outdoor campaign planning, programmatic DOOH activation, multi-device retargeting, measurement and insights.

The Footfall Monitor

The Adsquare Footfall Monitor allows marketers to gain insights on store visitation rates across 15 advertising verticals throughout Europe and North America. Advertising verticals include supermarkets, pharmacies, fast-food and takeaway restaurants, and public transport.

Further footfall verticals are provided for locations under current enforced closure to enable marketers to monitor and plan for the time when lockdown restrictions begin to be lifted.

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