Campaign Targeting

Additional targeting

Data targeting

Do not use other data targeting that is not from an adsquare segment, this is not necessarily compatible with adsquare segments or may reduce the reach heavily. 

Day-part Filter

  • For Proximity Targeting, add a day time filter that is relevant to your segment. 
  • E.g. store opening hours for place visits, evenings and nights for household data. 
  • If you already have a time-filter in the adsquare segment, do not add one in the DSP too to avoid double filtering and reducing reach. 

Geographical filter

  • Do not add a geo-filter on a country level in the DSP. 
  • The country geography is already defined by adsquare. 
  • Adding additional geographical filters will reduce reach through double filtering. 

Brand Safety

  • Turn on Brand Safety rather than using a whitelist.
  • Make sure the Brand Safety is compatible with in-app inventory. Check with your DSP account manager if you are unsure

Volume Optimisation


  • add one ad group per adsquare dataset in order to determine the best performing segment.
  • Once you know the best delivering segment, push as much budget against it. 

Frequency & Pacing:

  • A low frequency cap will reduce the number of bid opportunities
  • We recommend removing pacing, especially for Proximity Targeting, in order to increase reach


We do not recommend applying WL Targeting 


To increase the number of bid opportunities, always use as many different types of formats as possible

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