Mapping steps on adsquare side

Please provide your sales manager or client services with your Adform Agency ID

Mapping steps taken on Adform 

Adform provides a self-service tool to link and adsquare AMP company with an Adform DSP account. Below are the necessary steps to make this link:

Step 1. Find your adsquare Company ID
Step 2.
Log in to your Adform DSP account
Step 3.
Navigate to Settings > Advertisers

Step 4. Go to the relevant advertiser > Tracking
Step 5. add your adsquare Client ID

Finding Your Company ID in the AMP

Step 1. Log in to your AMP account
Step 2. In the top left corner, click on the drop-down next to your name and select Profile Settings
Step 3. Find your Company ID

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