Currently, advertisers face a massive challenge. With an abundance of data in the industry being scattered through data silos it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to employ 1-to-1 people-based marketing. With so much data out there how do they know what data is good or bad? As a curator and segment expert Adsquare selects high quality data from its data exchange, validates it against industry standards and aggregates it into a standardized taxonomy.

The result is the Adsquare Data Alliance – an approach to curating data that allows both quality and scale.

Take A Step Out Of The Gardens

Bundling first- and third-party data in a smart way, and validating the new datasets against industry benchmarks opens the doors to new data dimensions, and thus – to better targeting capabilities.
Rely on a secure environment with full transparency

  • Access To Deterministic Data: Opens the door to precise targeting on mobile using first-party data
  • Accuracy At Scale: Bundle first-party data with third-party data to ensure scalability
  • Trustworthiness: Use the validated datasets in a secure and privacy-friendly environment
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