With Adsquare’s Reach Extension, you can reach your segment on multiple screens and platforms and combine cross-device silos for more impactful and effective campaign.

Adsquare's Reach Extension In 3 Steps

Adsquare’s Reach Extension comes as an addition to our Audience Targeting. Starting with a mobile device and using cross-device technology to bridge the MAIDs segments to cookies. 

Step 1. Create new Audience Targeting
Step 2. Select your destination partner (currently, you can select The Trade Desk or Adform)
Step 3. Activate Adsquare Reach Extension

Case study: International NGO

Adsquare clients worldwide use our Reach Extension to reach consumers on multiple devices for higher branding impact. In a recent campaign, a leading Agency Trading Desk used Adsquare for an international NGO with the goal to generate new donors for a non-profit organization. Our client leveraged Adsquare Audience Targeting mobile data and cross-device identity data from our trusted cross-device partners for their cause awareness campaign. 

Because of the specific niche target-group and an extensive whitelisting of publishers, the NGO’s campaign reach was limited. 

In the campaign time of 6 weeks, only 846.050 unique users could be reached via advertising in apps. Adsquare’s Cross-Device audience extension allowed our client to extend the campaign to Desktop and Mobile Web. With an impressive match rate of 46%, the campaign could be delivered to 1.235.233 devices. The NGO considered the campaign a complete success.

Learn more about Adsquare Reach Extension from our Resources page.

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