Adding a Adsquare segment to your Adform campaign

Once your Adsquare segment has been saved and shared with Adform, it takes 15 minutes for a segment to show up in the platform. Here is how to add it to a campaign in your Adform account:

Step 1: When editing a campaign, go to the ‘Targeting‘ step of the Line Item 

Step 2: Add a ‘DMP segment‘

N.B. Make sure you have added a Mobile-App Line Item and not a Display Line Item

Step 3: Select Adsquare as your Data provider

Step 4. Access the categories of the available Adsquare segments. You have access to your custom segments, but also to Adsquare templates

Step 5. Search for the desired segment within each category


Campaign Settings: Matching Adsquare requirements to Adform

Your Adform campaign must match certain Adsquare settings in order for the segment to deliver correctly.

  • It must be Mobile Application-enabled

        - Adsquare segments cannot yet target cookies in mobile web or desktop devices in Adform - this will come soon
        - Make sure to apply this setting in your campaign or Adsquare segments.

  • For Proximity Targeting, the Latitude/Longitude must be included in your supply source

        - Adsquare looks at the GPS signal in the Bid Request
        - This is primarily available for In-App Inventory

  • For Audience Targeting, the Mobile Advertising ID must be included in your supply sources

        - Adsquare looks at the Mobile Advertising ID in the Bid RequesI
        - This is primarily available for In-App Inventory

Campaign Setup in Adform: settings reducing reach

If you have applied one of the following settings in your campaign, it may further reduce the delivery of your Adsquare segment.

  • Frequency Cap: a daily cap on impressions per user
  • Whitelisting/blacklisting: filtering in or out certain users
  • Creative Format: abnormal formats vs. standard formats
  • Bid strategy/ Price: the bidding strategy used towards users
  • Private deals: with supply sources
  • Geofilter and Time-filter: avoid using this if you already have it applied on your Adsquare segment

If you notice your campaign is not delivering any impressions, check the set-up of these above.

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