Adding a Adsquare segment to your Adobe campaign

Step 1: Set up your Adobe campaign as normal

Step 2: When you enter the placement setup page, fill out all the campaign details until your reach the Segment Targeting section

Step 3: Click on 'Segment Datasets' and this will open a new window

Step 4: From the toolbar, select the 'Custom tab'

Step 5: All of your custom datasets that have been pushed to the platform will  appear here – use the filter to search and select

Step 6: Once you have selected the datasets, hit save at the bottom of the window

Step 7: Complete the setup of the placement and save

Campaign Settings: Matching Adsquare requirements to Adobe

Your campaign must match certain Adsquare settings in order for the segment to deliver correctly. 

  • It must be Mobile Application-enabled

        - Adsquare segments cannot yet target cookies in mobile web or desktop devices in Adobe

  • The Mobile Advertising ID must be included in your supply sources

       -  Adsquare segments are composed of mobile device ids

        - To find this information out, please contact your Adobe representative.


Campaign Setup in Adobe Advertising Cloud: settings reducing reach

If you have applied one of the following settings in your campaign, it may further reduce the delivery of your Adsquare dataset.

  • Additional Targeting: avoid adding additional targeting from other sources that are also available in Adobe Advertising Cloud
  • Frequency Cap: a daily cap on impressions per user will reduce volume
  • Whitelisting/Blacklisting: filtering in or out certain users can reduce the number of available supply
  • Creative Format: abnormal formats vs. standard formats
  • Private deals: this can reduce the number of bids
  • Geo-filter and day part settings: avoid adding these in Adobe Advertising Cloud if you already have one in the segment

If you notice your campaign is not delivering any impressions, check the setup of these above.

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