Adding an Adsquare segment to your DV360 campaign

Once your Adsquare segment has been saved and shared with DV360, you can add it to a campaign in your DV360 account. 

Please note that only Audience Targeting can be pushed through to DV360

Step 1. Go to '1st & 3rd Party' section in the Line Item
Step 2. Add your custom Adsquare segment by clicking the tick


Campaign Settings: Matching Adsquare requirements to DV360

Your DV360 campaign must match certain Adsquare settings in order for the segment to deliver correctly

  • It must be Mobile Application-enabled

        - Adsquare segments cannot yet target cookies in mobile web or desktop devices
          in DV360

        - make sure this is enabled in your campaign set-up 

  • The Mobile Advertising ID must be included in the bid-request

       -  Adsquare segments are composed of mobile device ids

        - not all supply sources provide this in the bid – please be aware of this when

        - To find out which sources have this info, please contact your DV360

Campaign Setup in Google DV360: settings reducing reach

If you have applied one of the following settings in your campaign, it may further reduce the delivery of your Adsquare segment:

  • Frequency Cap: a daily cap on impressions per user
  • Whitelisting/blacklisting: filtering in or out certain users
  • Creative Format: abnormal formats vs. standard formats
  • Bid strategy/ Price: the bidding strategy used towards users
  • Private deals: with supply sources
  • Geofilter and Time-filter: avoid using this in DV360 if you already have it applied on your Adsquare segment

If you notice your campaign is not delivering any impressions, check the set-up of these above.

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