Setting up a cross-device segment in the AMP is as easy as setting up a Mobile Advertising ID-only segment.

  1. Model your segment. Please note that cross-device is possible for our Audience Targeting product only
  2. Select Tapad under 'Cross-Device'
    Please note that selecting cross-device targeting adds an extra cost to your final CPM.

3. Under 'Destination Partners' select Adform DMP Integration option with the required partner name - not the Pre-Bid integration 

Finding your Cross-Device Segment in Adform

  1. When editing a campaign, go to the ‘Targeting‘ step of the Line Item or In-app item
  2. Add a ‘DMP Segment‘

3. Under ‘Segment Base‘ select or search for Adsquare EU as your Data provider

4. Search and select for your datasets here. You can directly search for the name of the segment in the search bar.

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