What is Adsquare's Footfall Measurement product?

To achieve the best results from advertising strategies and to make the right decisions on ad spend allocation, marketers need to go beyond traditional ad engagement KPIs. Clicks don’t necessarily equal store visits and don’t tell the full story.

Adsquare's Footfall Measurement provides marketers with an additional ad engagement KPI: a number of consumers who visit a store or other physical location after being exposed to a marketing campaign. Thanks to the real-time delivery of this KPI, marketers can optimize their drive-to-store campaigns more efficiently, optimize spend and validate their media investment.

How does it work?

Adsquare leverages high-quality movement data at scale to count consumers who visit a store, restaurant, or other offline location to help you optimize your ad campaigns more effectively. 

For example, after you serve the ad to your target group, Adsquare’s Footfall Measurement functionality tracks how many consumers who saw your ad visited your store. This information flows into the dashboard of your Demand Side Platform and can be used for in-flight optimization.

How to activate Footfall Measurement?

Adsquare’s Footfall Measurement functionality can be set-up within your DSP’s interface.

You can activate Footfall Measurement with our following partners:

  • Adform
  • Fusio by S4M
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • HAWK by TabMo
  • Mediamath
  • Mediasmart
  • The Trade Desk
  • and more platforms are currently integrating our Footfall Measurement solution!

The steps to activate Measurement differ per DSP and are defined in the following section below

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