A. Setting up Footfall Measurement in FUSIO by S4M

Below are the steps you need to take to begin measuring in-store visits in real-time:

1. When setting up your campaign in the FUSIO by S4M platform, activate the Adsquare Footfall Measurement add-on to confirm that you want to enable this 3rd party service.

2. Then you will be able to define one or more locations you want to measure offline visits for. You can:

a)  Manually enter the address of each location, or
b)  Bulk-upload a CSV file with a list of all locations.

3. Once your campaign is live, you will be able to see campaign’s Drive-To-Store metrics, such as post-view visits, average cost per visit and footfall uplift in FUSIO Drive-To-Store performance dashboard.

B. Reporting in FUSIO by S4M

Conversion data becomes available in FUSIO Drive-To-Store dashboard 24 hours after impressions begin to run. Conversions flow into the dashboard hourly, enabling you to optimize your campaign towards the best footfall uplift.

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