With Adsquare’s Lookalikes feature you can increase your audience reach by targeting not only users from your base segment but also other relevant users who look alike to the ones in your base segment.

In order to find relevant Lookalikes Adsquare analyzes your base segment, identifies common qualities of the people in that segment, and finds new people who share the same qualities (e.g., share the same interests, demographics, lifestyles, etc.).

Therefore, you can extend your audience reach and target people relevant to your business at a larger scale.

Activation: Lookalikes in 4 steps

Adsquare’s Reach Extension with Lookalikes comes as an addition to our Audience Targeting. Follow the steps below to reach new people who look like the people in your base segment.

Step 1. Create a new Audience Targeting segment.
Step 2. Enable the Lookalikes feature under the Reach Extension section.
Step 3. Decide how much the new people (Lookalikes) should be similar to the people in your base segment, i.e., choose your desired Similarity Index. The higher the Similarity Index, the more qualities Lookalikes will have in common with the people in your base segment. You can increase or decrease the desired Similarity Index by moving the slider up or down, accordingly.

Step 4. Select your destination partner and activate your segment.


1. How can I see the reach of my Lookalikes audience? 

The Lookalikes segment calculation might take up to 24 hours. Therefore, you can see the number of the base segment users (Base Reach) as well as the number of the new lookalike users (Extended Reach) one day after activating the segment. This information is available in My Segments dashboard. 

Next day after activating the segment you can also adjust the Similarity Index according to your reach goals.

2. How does the Similarity Index affect the reach of my audience?

By choosing a particular Similarity Index, you are making a compromise between the quality and scale of your lookalike users. 

The higher the Similarity Index, the closer the new lookalike users match the users in your base segment, but the increase in your audience is smaller. 

Contrary, lower Similarity Index requires a lower level of similarity between base segment and lookalike users, but allows for a bigger increase in your reach.

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