Before the campaign launches:

You need to create the campaign on MediaMath in T1 as well as
- assign the event pixel as the merit event/pixel in the setup process
- declare Adsquare VM as vendor declaration, at both campaign and creative level

  • Please note, the strategies must be set up to target in-app inventory only.
  • The CPM is fixed at 0,50 CPM

In order to receive the visits from Adsquare, we need to go through a setup process.

1. Please Inform Adsquare with the following:

  • MM Event Pixel ID
  • MM Advertiser ID

2. Add basic campaign details:

  • Agency
  • Advertiser
  • Campaign Name
  • Flight Dates
  • Expected monthly impressions

3. Join the list of POIs to be monitored for validation

MediaMath operated with privacy-related requirements when it comes to POIs measurement. Your points of contact at MediaMath and Adsquare can guide you through the criteria and assess the compliance of POIs.

3. Adsquare will start the process and automatically send a mapping File to MediaMath - who will confirm everything is agreeb by sending back techincal details on an advertiser level.

  • It is possible to wrap tags in DCM or add special DCM trackers, please notify us beforehand

5. Adsquare sends a daily feed of all visits occurring within the radius of the monitored POIs. MediaMath T1 runs attribution on platform, where the visits driven by the campaign are reported as conversions, and the campaign can be optimized in-flight towards foot traffic.

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