Information Required

In order to active the Adsquare Measurement solution on Facebook, we need the following information:

Adsquare will run a feasibility check with the locations provided in order to confirm the required volume needed will be met.

Setting up Footfall Measurement on Facebook

Below are the steps you need to take to begin measuring in-store visits in real-time:

1. Adsquare to create the Offline Event Set

Once created, you will receive a sharing request to the provided Business Manager ID.

2. Assign an Ad Account to the Offline Event Set

Go to Business Manager > Offline Event Set

  1. Select the Offline Event Set created by Adsquare
  2. Under Connected Assets, click on Assign Ad Accounts and tick the Ad Account you want to add.
  3. Select Save Changes.
  • Once done, we kindly ask you to send your Adsquare Account Manager a screenshot for confirmation in order to finalize the setup.
  • Please note that Facebook allows visits to be attributed to a campaign only after an Ad Account ID has been assigned. It is not possible to retroactively upload visits.

3. Add the Offline Event Set to your ads

Go to Ads Manager and create your ad with Guided Creation as usual.

  1. Select Show advanced options when your ad is ready.
  2. Under Conversion tracking, toggle Offline events to enable tracking and choose your offline event sets.
  3. Select Confirm to publish your ad.

4. Visits Upload

Adsquare will upload the visits to the Offline Event Set via Adsquare’s Facebook Business Manager account in the upfront agreed frequency.

Reporting on Facebook

In order to see the visits, you need to go to Ads Manager.

  • Select Campaigns, Ads sets or Ads, depending on the results that you want to view.
  • By default, Adsquare will upload the visits as “Other” type.
    You can select the Columns drop-down menu and choose Offline conversions to see your offline conversion reporting.

  • You can adjust your attribution window on the bottom-right corner by selecting Windows Comparison.
  • To save this customised selections as a preset for future use, the client cant tick the Save as preset box in bottom-left corner and enter a name for the preset.

Reporting to Adsquare

We kindly ask you to setup an automated impressions report to Adsquare. You can find a guide here:

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